Did you know that you might be actively saying all the wrong things when attempting to market to Gen Z? Every generation since the dawn of time has come up with its own set of slang and lexicon that it uses to describe experiences that are unique to that generation. Gen Z is no different in this regard. In fact, Gen Z may be some of the most versed in creating new words and phrases as they have the Internet constantly at their fingertips. New concepts can catch on and take hold very quickly in Internet culture. And new words can come out of that extremely quickly. 

Gucci Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means

Gucci is a famous purse company specializing in upscale bags right? Yes and no. It is true that you are likely to see the well-to-do in a large city lugging around a Gucci bag as a status symbol. But that is not the only meaning of the word these days. Gen Z people have taken the word and made it their own, and it has nothing to do with purses. 

When someone from the Gen Z generation says that something is Gucci, they are essentially saying that something is “all good” or “cool”. They might say something like “are we Gucci?”. This would mean that they are asking the other person if they are all good. In other words, they want to know if everything is on the level or if there is anything they need to do to make the situation better. It is a little confusing right? Well, it is all part of the way that young people communicate with one another these days. And it is best to try to grasp the concepts that they are conveying if you hope to market effectively to them. However, it is not just in understanding their language that you will be successful, you must also speak to their values.

A few other words that Gen Z uses that you might want to discover the meaning of before marketing to them include:

  • Fam
  • Glow up
  • Woke
  • Stan
  • Salty

Show Genuine Care for the World to Reach Gen Z 

Gen Z cares about social issues and the world around them. They are keenly aware of the social ills that plague our society. And they view the unfettered pursuit of money as one of those ills. Thus, you need to show this generation that you are not just in the business of making money. Sure, part of your goal when creating any company is to make a profit. Gen Z understands this, but they want to do business with companies that have a positive social value as well. Oberlo.com explains that there is a real danger in attempting to do business with Gen Z without first considering your social values and purpose in society:

Consequently, any business out to make money regardless of the damage left in its wake runs the risk of being shunned by Gen Z.

So start with your core values and find a way to contribute to society and the world. Then, clearly communicate your purpose and values to Generation Z.

Companies get a reputation with Gen Z very quickly, and they spread the word to their friends. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. But it is all going to come down to your preparedness and willingness to be a net benefit to society in all that you do with the company.  

What are some ways that you can show that you are socially aware?

You might want to consider the following: 

  • Establish a pro-environment policy for the workplace
  • Be inclusive of all races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations and put this specifically into your company policies
  • Embrace activism that helps protect vulnerable populations
  • Partner with charity or non-profit organizations to assist in the valuable work that they do
  • Bring on Gen Z members to your team to get their ideas and feedback

Reach Out Via Mobile, Make Those Connections Genuine

Gen Z is best reached via their mobile phone. It might be a bit of a stereotype. However, there is also some truth to the idea that Gen Z is constantly locked into their phones. This is where they feel comfortable sharing things with one another and with learning about the world. It is also where they do a large amount of their shopping. Thus, all companies seeking to do business with Gen Z need to be mobile optimized for the greatest levels of success possible. Gen Z is unforgiving to companies that drag their feet on this and do not produce user-friendly mobile applications for their services. Given that stark reality, there is no time like the present to start investing in mobile. 

Finally, all interactions with Gen Z via mobile or any other method need to look and feel genuine. It is easy for them to see right through companies that are simply out to make a dollar. What they really want are the companies that will speak with them as a human being would. and a company that will be happy to answer questions, leave comments, and interact regularly with them. If all of those things are happening, then the Gen Z customer will feel much more comfortable doing business with you. 


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