The following terms and conditions are in reference to all services provided by WESPOD LLC.


If a client accepts a quote mentioned in an email, the client will have also accepted the terms applying and the terms and conditions discussed here. Please make assure yourself of reading these terms and conditions in detail. Any accepted action taken will result in an acceptance of our terms and conditions.


Any charges for services provided by WESPOD LLC are stated in the project quotation that clients receive, which have a duration of 30 days. WESPOD LLC accepts various types of payment methods such as PayPal payments, and payments via check. Any invoices are generally carried out through PayPal. Any credit card payments will incur a service fee 3%.

Payment Terms

WESPOD LLC requires a minimum of 50% down payment before the commencement of any custom website development project. WESPOD LLC may alter the required down payment at its discretion and has the right to classify the down payment as non-refundable. The final balance is due at the completion of projects.

Adherence to Proposal

It is crucial for clients to review all proposals for custom website development projects, website design, and any other service provided by WESPOD LLC. In event that services or resources lay above the original proposal, WESPOD LLC has the right to refuse project add-ons or charge appropriately to account for additional time or resources required to complete the project.

Client Review

Clients will be presented an opportunity to review the content of the website a single time at the end of the development phase. This means clients will be able to see the project at one point in the design process instead of seeing individual pages as they are completed. The stated price that WESPOD LLC charges for its services does not accommodate for a lengthy back and forth process through the process of the project. Clients may request one phone call without exceeding 45 minutes in order to discuss the website preview and share comments and minor requests. In addition to requesting any change through a phone call, clients must submit a formal email with the request for WESPOD LLC to keep as a written record.


After reviewing the website preview, clients may have change requests and WESPOD LLC is pleased to offer the opportunity. However, if client requests a change to previous design specifications made by the client, WESPOD LLC reserves the right to include additional charges.


Upon receiving the final invoice, clients have full ownership and copyright to data, content, files, and graphic logos that were provided by WESPOD LLC. The client has the responsibility to obtain the rights to use any information or files that may be copyrighted by a third party. Clients must sign a contract for website development as a guarantee to WESPOD LLC that all permissions and authorities have been obtained in order to commence the project.

Design Credit

A link to WESPOD LLC will be placed in small font at bottom of the client’s website. The text will be in fit with the overall aesthetic of the website and will be obtrusive. The client has no permission to remove the design credit link without payment, even if client has access to the back-end of the website. If clients wish to have the design credit remove they may do so by paying a nominal fee of 10% of the total development charges. If total charges are less than $5000, the nominal fee is fixed at $500.