Influencer marketing has become so common in this digital era. Businesses promoting their brands without incorporating influencer marketing might just be missing out. For start-ups or small business owners, influencer marketing is the “key” to unlocking business growth opportunities, especially when you’re targeting Generation Z consumers. The beauty of Gen Z individuals is that they have significant trust in the information that they get online—and that’s one reason why you can’t overlook the need for Gen Z influencers in your marketing mix.

But who exactly meets the description of Gen Zers? Gen Z consists of people born after 1995 up to around 2015. Most of these individuals have seen and used technological devices like smartphones throughout their childhood, teenage years, as well as early adulthood. 

So, Why Should You Work with Gen Z Influencers?

Start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners need to work with influencer marketers to thrive in the digital world. Effective and practical brand marketing is the backbone of successful business institutions in the modern age. Influencer marketing offers start-ups and small businesses the best opportunities to expand their brands and thrive in their industries. Here is why you should engage with Gen Z influencers:

  • Gen Z makes the greatest population of social media users online. Most of these individuals joined social platforms at their tender ages and do not fancy traditional sources of information.
  • Gen Z individuals treasure products from new brands and have a high tendency to avoid “old stuff.” This makes them the best target market for start-ups and small businesses. If you’re planning to launch a product or popularize your small business, you shouldn’t hesitate to consider Gen Zers.
  • Gen Zers have a significant influence on brand expansion —these individuals determine what their parents or guardians buy. They control an estimated 65% of household spending globally. A percentage that translates to a staggering $600 billion in a year.

But then how should marketers or business owners appreciate Gen Z influencers for their services? Gen Z influencers should be compensated for their inputs through monthly salaries or any other agreed mode of payment provided it is within the legal confines.

Locating Gen Z influencers might seem like an easy task, but it’s not. This is because not all selected “influencers” fulfill the expected targets. Most brands end up spending so much on influencer marketing with no tangible business results. Below are 4 lit ways to locate and work with the best Gen Z influencers:

4 Ways to Find and Work with Gen Z Influencers

1. Identify Emerging Marketing Avenues

Businesses should consider popular TikTok users as potential brand promoters. Gen Z has the largest population of TikTok users compared to other social media platforms. Also, the Gen Z population accounts for the ever-increasing online population on existing social platforms, including Snapchat and Instagram. Remember that Gen Z individuals have trust in their peers and “Social Idols,” and they will not buy products or services without authentication from Gen Z influencers.

2. Identify Valuable Influencers Based on Social Demographics

Before choosing a Gen Z influencer, think about this: Gen Zers trust the brands that their peers from diverse origins value and cherish. Imagine what can happen among Gen Z consumers when the influencers come from their ethnic backgrounds, regions, or gender. So, find Gen Z influencers who match the social demographics of the targeted niches.

3. Embrace Experimental Marketing

This strategy involves working closely with willing social media users from Gen Z to popularize a brand. For instance, a start-up business can hire a few Gen Z users on TikTok to make insightful videos that expose the brand to their peers. Also, marketers can consider live chats and events as they appeal more to Gen Zers.

4. Encourage Gen Z Influencers to Create Raw Content

There is absolutely no need to “sugar coat” advertisements when targeting the Gen Z market. These individuals like to hear and see things how they are, so complicated and coded ads will be a turn-off. And remember that their attention span is also very short. So you should create short but comprehensive adverts.

Gen Z influencers are currently the hottest trend when it comes to influencer marketing. They can be a real turnaround for small and start-up businesses in expanding their brand reach. If you’re ready to work with Gen Z influencers, then you should look no further. We can help your brand connect with the ideal Gen Z influencers. Contact us today to learn more!

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