The best way to open up new channels of revenue is to serve markets that are not already saturated with coverage by other firms. Surprisingly, many companies fail to capitalize on the buying power that the youngest generation (Gen Z) possesses. So, coming up with Gen Z marketing strategies your business can use is important.

Many are stuck in an old way of thinking that people in this age group simply do not have their own money or the ability to make purchasing decisions. That is no longer the case. According to research from medical journals on the topic, nearly 94% of Gen Z own a smartphone. This means that they are constantly tuned in to what is happening in the world around them. And they are participating in conversations that many others do not even realize are happening. The good news about this for marketers is that it means that Gen Z is always open to effective advertising as well.

Gen Z Marketing Strategies to Use in an Untapped Market

Here are some Gen Z marketing strategies you can apply to your business:

1. Meet Up With Gen Z on Their Preferred Social Networks

It is not enough to try to market to people on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These are good starting points, but they are not where Gen Z is spending most of its time. Advertising done on those two giant social media platforms is very likely reaching an entirely different age group. USA Today notes a Pew Research Study that finds the following percentages of Gen Z using various social networks:

  • Instagram – 71% of Gen Z 
  • Snapchat – 65% of Gen Z 
  • TikTok – 48% of Gen Z

These numbers are fluid and in general growing. It is also important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest hangouts for Gen Z if you are looking to appeal directly to them. Remember, they are only really interested in dealing with companies that will extend them the politeness of meeting them on the social platforms that they prefer. Any company unwilling to do that is going to miss out on this part of the consumer base. 

2. Engrain in the Networks and Have Fun with Them 

A bland advertising campaign is not going to turn heads in Gen Z world. In fact, it is unlikely to be impressive to any generation. You must think much more constructively to grab attention for your products and/or services these days. Thus, you should consider working diligently to learn about the various social networks as well as how real-life people are using them. You want your advertising pitches to come across as authentic. And the only way to really make that happen is to understand the mechanics of the networks themselves.

The Hashtag Challenges

One recommendation for how to reach Gen Z users on TikTok for example is to engage in hashtag challenges. These are fun ways to let your brand be a part of the conversation without actively putting out a specific pitch or vibe. You are merely attempting to engage in the same fun that everyone else on the TikTok platform is. This Medium article gives a great explanation of how this works:

Like other social media platforms, TikTok lets users add hashtags to their videos. This easily allows people to search and discover content and allows brands to target relevant audiences.

A hashtag challenge makes use of a hashtag and a specific trend on the app. Many trends on TikTok include photo challenges. A popular one at the end of the year had users comparing themselves at the beginning and end of 2020.

You are not coming up with the hashtags yourself, but you are getting involved when one starts to take hold. Obviously, you should beware so as not to get involved with a hashtag that has more serious or political meaning. You also want to make sure that you fully understand the context of the hashtag before you slap your brand’s name on it. That said, this can be an excellent way to gain some attention. 


Those are some of the Gen Z marketing strategies you can start practicing for your business. If you have been struggling to engage with the Gen Z audience that you hope to woo, then perhaps now is the time to hire a company that can help you overcome some of these challenges. There are plenty of branding agencies who spend all day just looking for ways to best reach this cohort. If that is something that could benefit your brand, then now is the time to get on it. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you!

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