To believe that young people are not interested in the stock market and investing is to hold a view that has long since passed its expiration date. It is fairly understandable that one might have believed this to be the case until fairly recently. But it is important to note the earth-shattering changes in the way the stock market operates. And who views the market as their opportunity to make enough money to retire. Lately, the cohort that is most keenly following the day-to-day movements of the stock market are members of Generation Z. Here’s how this generation is turning to StockTok for investment advice.

Forget TikTok, Join Me On StockTok

The video-sharing social media platform TikTok has taken Gen Z by storm. There are videos of nearly every variety imaginable on there. It has helped this younger generation (typically 13 to 22 years of age) to connect with one another. Swapping ideas that they might not dare share in other public spaces. It has opened up conversations and opened up minds. It has also made it easier than ever for this generation to share their interests with one another. And find like-minded groups of individuals who might also share some of the same interests that they have. This collective knowledge swapping is what helped form the platform known as StockTok.

StockTok is obviously a play on words on TikTok, but it is exactly what the name implies. It is the place that young people gather to share their ideas and strategies about stock market investing or trading. It is a judgment-free zone where newbies and those who have been following the markets for some time can come together and figure out what their next moves should be. However, Yahoo! Life does caution that people should not get too carried away with the advice that they receive from StockTok as it is still advice coming from people who are admittedly new to the market:

“We know the actions that actually improve the odds of success for investors — and most of the advice you see on TikTok is definitely not that”. The advice on StockTok varies widely. One video can feel like a microeconomics class, then the next is like a recruiting pitch for a pyramid scheme

Warnings aside, there are people on StockTok who know far more than the average individual does about investing. And many are willing to share their thoughts openly and free of charge. 

Gaining a Foothold in This New Internet Subculture

If you are the kind of individual who might be interested in SEO services in New York and want to micro-target niche communities of young people on the Internet, then you have come to the right place. SEO services in New York providers are keeping a keen eye on StockTok. And how it is the ideal place to put relevant information and advertisements out to the Gen Z crowd. 

The important thing to keep in mind here is that the Gen Z crowd is indeed an appealing one to market to. However, they are also a very aware generation of people. They do not take kindly to being bombarded by unwanted advertisements. And you will not be handsomely rewarded if you continue to try to shove your marketing materials in their faces day in and day out. Instead, you should try to work with an agency that can come up with clever ways to get your message across to the crowd at StockTok without coming across as only being self-interested. is the perfect place to turn to when you want to get in touch with the culture that Gen Z has established for itself. Wespod works diligently to make sure that the tactics that they use are approved by the younger generation. Doing anything less than that will only fail to meet your objective. It will also earn you some backlash that you do not want. Trust Wespod! Check out their creative approach to SEO, media buying, and message board advertising to get your in with the Gen Z crowd.

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